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We are fundraising for EPAC equipment that will benefit the entire club.

Please check out the fundraising page to learn more about: Giant Gift Cards, our Vendor Night, TX Roadhouse Gift Cards, Yankee Candle Fundraiser and Gertrude Hawk Fundraiser


USA Swimming Winter 2014-15 Schedule:

  • Penn State (NLAC) – October 17-19
  • WSY – November 8-9
  • Penn State (NLAC) – Dec 5-7
  • Pittsburgh – December 12-14 (A+) [Alleghany LSC]
  • WSY – January 10-11
  • Princeton – January 17-19 [New Jersey LSC]
  • Maryland IMX – January 30 – February 1 [Maryland LSC]
  • York Y – February 6-8
 Go to the USA Swimming Page for registration.

Registration is LIVE!

Winter Season Start Dates (See Google Calendar or Winter Schedule 2014-2015 for details)

Level 4-Elite starts the week of August 25th

Level 3 – starts the week of September 2nd

Level 1 & 2 – starts the week of September 9th

Pre-Comp – starts the week (Saturday’s only) of September 9th

Level 4-Elite – Mental Training from August 25 – September 5 ONLY

Level 4-Elite – Dryland – Begins September 9th

Levels 2&3 – Dryland – Begins September 16th

Registration Information for Winter 2014-15

Registration is live!  Please click on the button to the left that says “Register Now!”  An email was sent out with your swimmer’s level. If you did not get this email please contact Denyse Miskin denyse@epac.org.  You need swimmer level information before you register your swimmer. PLEASE register early (even if you are doing late start). We have level caps in place.

Swimmers MUST be registered before they attend their first practice.

This year, there is no fundraising buyout.  The $50 that was usually paid or fundraised has been added to the registration fee.  Multiple swimmer discount has been increased to help offset that cost.  The 2nd swimmer will now receive a 15% discount, the 3rd swimmer will now receive a 25% discount.

USA Swimmers will see an additional $20 charge to help offset the costs of having coaches on deck at USA meets.

WE WILL BE FUNDRAISING THIS YEAR however it will not be mandatory.  We will be discussing our targeted fundraising initiatives at the Parent Meeting in September.  These initiatives will benefit the whole club.

Volunteers:  We have over 300 volunteer slots to fill during winter season.  When you are registering, you will need to select at least three areas that your family is willing to volunteer for throughout the season.  You will not be able to complete registration without selecting three areas.  During the winter season, each family is required to fill 3 time slots.  For example, you could sign up to (1) time for half of a meet (2) work the concession stand for half of a meet (3) help clean up at one meet.  It’s that easy!  We will utilize Time to Sign Up again for our volunteer needs. If we have open slots for an upcoming meet, our Volunteer Coordinator, Sandii Peiffer, will contact families that have not met their 3 time slot requirement to volunteer.  If we all volunteer just a few times, we can all get to enjoy the swim meets!  We know that everyone wants to help our club, swimmer’s and coaches!  Thank you in advance for your help!!

If you want to be a “permanent” volunteer in an area for the season, please email Denyse Miskin  denyse@epac.org and she will put your name in that slot.

Upcoming Meetings

USA Swimming Meeting – Tuesday, September 16th at 6:30pm in the Middle School LGI room

Parent’s Meeting – Tuesday, September 23rd at 6:30pm in the Middle School LGI room (at least one parent from each family needs to attend)

We will be inviting back the Nutrionist in the Fall – dates TBD

Summer 2014 Swimmer’s Gifts

If you were not able to attend the summer banquet, we have your swimmer’s gift!  You will be able to pick it up before (6:00-6:30) the USA Meeting (Sept 16th) or before (6:00-6:30) the Parent’s Meeting (Sept 22nd).  If you do not pick up your swimmer’s gift at one of the dates provided, it will go to our EPAC yard sale.





There have been several changes to the registration costs and structure. Please take a moment to read through ALL of the following information prior to registering! All swimmers must be registered BEFORE attending their first practice. We are asking all swimmers to complete their registration by September 10th.

If you have questions or concerns about specific costs or changes, please feel free to contact the club at info@epac.org.

To register, YOU MUST know your child’s practice level for this winter season. The list of swimmers and practice levels will be sent via email to all EPAC families the week of August 18th. If you do not receive the list by Friday, August 22nd, please contact denyse@epac.org. If you have a question about your swimmer’s level or do not see your swimmer listed, please contact Coach Lu at coaches@epac.org. If you are NOT a current EPAC swimmer but are interested in joining EPAC, you need to attend our a new swimmer evaluation.  Please use this link to sign up for evaluations. Please sign up for the appropriate age group.  If you cannot attend during the set evaluation times, please email coaches@epac.org.  Coaches will evaluate new swimmers and assign practice levels – once you have your level assignment, you can return here and register.

Winter Fee Structure:
As mentioned at the summer banquet, we have removed the $50 fundraising buyout and that has been added to the base fee.  There will be no required fundraising, however we will be fundraising for special equipment purchases for EPAC.

Rates for the winter season (August 2014-March 2015) are listed below:

Winter 2014-15 Registration Fee Structure:

  • Pre-Comp – $150, a 16-week session beginning September 13th (as swimmers complete the pre-comp program and move into Level 1, their $150 pre-comp registration fee will be applied in full to their Level 1 registration fee.)
  • Level 1 – $385 base fee, $40 discount for late start (applied at checkout)
  • Level 2 – $420 base fee, $50 discount for late start (applied at checkout)
  • Level 3 – $505 base fee, $60 discount for late start (applied at checkout)
  • Level 4 – $590 base fee, $70 discount for late start (applied at checkout)
  • Level 5 – $625 base fee, $80 discount for late start (applied at checkout)
  • Level 6 – $660 base fee, $90 discount for late start (applied at checkout)
  • High School swimmers, please see additional information below
  • $65 USA Swimming Membership (year long membership to USA Swimming)
  • $20 USA Swimming (fee that goes to help offset some of the cost of having coaches at USA Swimming Meets)
  • Non-East Pennsboro Resident surcharge $30
  • Discounts of 15% for second swimmer per family and 25% for third swimmer per family, 4+ swimmer(s) free
  • Concession stand buyout available for $25 (if you do not do the buyout, you will be required to bring items to each home swim meet – a time to sign up will be made for items needed)

* Late start is November 1st,  however we ask you to register by September 10th.

Payment plans – EPAC requires a deposit of at least $200 per family at the time of registration. For families who do not pay-in-full at the time of registration are required to make monthly payments until their obligation has beed fulfilled. Subsequent payments are due: November 1, December 1, January 1 and February 1. ALL FAMILIES ARE REQUIRED TO BE PAID IN FULL BY FEBRUARY 1, 2015.

High School Swimmers:
Those of you who previously had swimmers registered in the “High School” level will notice that this option has been eliminated from the basic pricing structure. However, If your swimmer is part of a high school program, limiting their ability to participate in EPAC practices for a substantial portion of the season – a discount of 50% off the base fee of their level is available. Please email the club at info@epac.org to have that discount applied to your registration.

Capped Levels:
As most of you know, we’ve been experiencing growth throughout the team.  The  flip-side of this growth is that we have limited practice time and space. In order to keep the number of swimmers per lane to a reasonable number, we have instituted a cap for each level. If you attempt to register your child for their level and receive a message that your level is FULL, please email your swimmer’s name and level to info@epac.org. We will attempt to make room for every swimmer, but cannot guarantee that there will be space for everyone. Wait-list priority will be given to current EPAC swimmers and East Pennsboro residents. In order to ensure that your swimmer makes the team, it is critical that you register early, even if your intent is not to begin practice until “Late Start” begins.

USA Swimming:
USA swimming is a great opportunity for swimmers 9-and-over to get more involved with their sport. This “travel swimming” program allows swimmers to swim in new places, against new swimmers, against a higher level of competition and swim events not offered in local meets. EPAC encourages swimmers of all abilities to participate – USA Swimming IS NOT just a program for elite swimmers – it’s a program for anyone who wants to get more out of swimming and improve themselves in the process. The schedule of USA Swimming events that EPAC will be attending this season will be posted soon.

EPAC will be holding a mandatory USA Swimming meeting for all families interesting in joining USA Swimming as well as those currently participating in the USA program. The meeting will be held at the pool (in the LGI room) on Tuesday, September 16th at 6:30pm

The EPAC meet and practice schedules can be found on the calendar page of this site. You can subscribe to the different calendars using instructions provided here. The league meets have not yet been scheduled and will be posted as soon as that schedule is released. Start dates for each practice level are listed below:

  • Level 4, 5, 6 – August 25th
  • Level 3 – September 2nd
  • Level 2 – September 8th
  • Level 1 – September 8th
  • Pre-Comp – September 13th
  • Dryland  – September 8th

As listed above, the $50 per-family fundraising obligation has been removed from registration.  More info to come soon about optional fundraising for special equipment for EPAC.

Swimmer’s Sizes:

All swimmers will be prompted to update their t-shirt and shoe sizes. Having current sizes on file helps us when ordering fins and other team gifts.